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Relationship Between Statistics and Probability

As part of my plan for edging over to the field of predictive analytics and data mining, I’ve been brushing up on some statistics via Coursera and Udacity classes. In one of the Udacity classes (Intro to Statistics), the professor (Sebastian Thrun) presented the relationship between statistics and probability as […]

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How to Calculate the Median in T-SQL, MDX, and not DAX

Building from my last post, Performance Metrics: Average, Mean, Median, and Outliers, where I covered the topic of when to use Median instead of Average, in this post I’m going (to try) to show you how to calculate the Median of a set of values in T-SQL, MDX, and DAX. Calculate […]

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Performance Metrics: Average, Mean, Median, and Outliers

This weekend, I stumbled across a post that really hit close to home.  The post was written by Brad Feld, a VC whose blog I’ve subscribed to since college.  Brad normally writes about startups, startup-communities, and marathons in which he participates…none of which I’m particularly interested in anymore.  But in […]

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