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Enriching your Power BI Solutions with Metadata

Ever looked at a Power BI report visual and wondered what the logic was behind a calculation? In most cases, your options are limited to… asking the report author checking the report documentation checking the data dictionary …all of which… assuming they even exist! …severely disrupt the analytical workflow. In […]

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On-Premise Data Gateway: Capturing SSAS Query Activity By User

When I’m managing an Analysis Services environment, I’m not just interested in the performance of the workload… yeah that’s important, but I’m also interested in the users who are generating that workload… especially the top users… and here’s why: These top users are your biggest customers. They’ve already bought-in to […]

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Strategic Prototyping: Power BI Desktop vs Power Pivot

Perhaps one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is that there’s no right-way / one-size-fits-all approach to implementing an Analysis Services solution. All have their pros and cons and being successful is more about leveraging the approach that best fits the client organization. That said, one […]

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Great Demo of Power BI’s Q&A Feature

This is probably the best demo I’ve seen covering the new Q&A feature for Power BI:  The guy asking questions, Mark Reguera, was a non-technical finance guy @ Microsoft who started using PowerPivot/PowerView within his department.  His methods gained traction and now I believe he’s transitioned into more of an […]

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