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Performance Monitoring for SSAS – Extended Events Cheat Sheet

Welcome back! This is the 3rd post in a series of posts focusing on performance monitoring for Analysis Services. Performance Monitoring for SSAS – Intro Performance Monitoring for SSAS – Data Collection Performance Monitoring for SSAS – Extended Events Cheat Sheet Performance Monitoring for SSAS – Perfmon Counter Cheat Sheet […]

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Troubleshooting #SSAS Performance Issues

For the past 2 years, I’ve spent quite a bit of time across several clients addressing performance issues with Analysis Services solutions. Now that may sound like your own personal hell, and I totally understand why. Analysis Services is complicated enough just to get it off the ground and into production. […]

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SSAS Tabular, Telerik, Multi-Value Parameters with DAX

Earlier this summer, I started working with a new client to develop the next version of their reporting platform. This client already had the reporting requirements and good jump start on the underlying data model but had run into some serious performance issues when trying to report directly from the relational data model […]

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MDX: MemberValue vs Member_Value

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of MDX performance tuning and during the process I learned a new “trick” that blew my mind. Instead of just outright telling you what it is, I’d like to show you through an example. Original Query Take the following query shown below – which […]

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Aggregation Design Life-Cycle: Introduction

This is the first post in a series of posts covering the Aggregation Design Life-Cycle (ADLC). Introduction Create Initial Aggregation Designs Remove Ineffective Aggregations Capture Query Workload Run Usage-Based Optimization (UBO) Wizard Create Custom Aggregations Final Thoughts When it comes to maximizing Analysis Services query performance, nothing beats a solid […]

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Performance Tuning with OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN

Today I ran into a performance/scalability problem with a group of stored procs I’d written earlier this week.  All the procs passed basic unit-testing, but once I increased the load from processing 100 records to 100,000 records…you know, to make sure it scales and stuff…the test went from < 3 […]

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