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On-Premise Data Gateway: Capturing SSAS Query Activity By User

When I’m managing an Analysis Services environment, I’m not just interested in the performance of the workload… yeah that’s important, but I’m also interested in the users who are generating that workload… especially the top users… and here’s why: These top users are your biggest customers. They’ve already bought-in to […]

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3 Methods for Shredding Analysis Services Extended Events

Troubleshooting Analysis Services performance issues is hard. In complex and/or high concurrency environments (e.g. scale-out solutions) it can be a nightmare. Throw in a transient issue (i.e. one that can’t be reproduced on command or at some predictable time) that only occurs in production and you’re only option is to […]

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Investigating xEvents in SSAS 2016 CTP2

Last week I finally found some time to explore SQL Server 2016 CTP2 and considering I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past 12 months performance tuning SSAS queries, I figured why not start with extended events. Plus, you can usually infer quite a bit from looking at the tracing […]

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Extended Events for Analysis Services

This year I’ve spent quite a bit of time tracing Analysis Services events.  In the lab, my goto has always been SQL Profiler for it’s mere simplicity.  At clients, I usually take the extra step of creating a server side trace (example) to reduce the “observer overhead”. Both of these […]

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