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Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Learning Plan

In the last post, I mentioned that I would be putting together a learning plan to facilitate a shift in focus from SSAS into the realm of data mining and predictive analytics. Clearly this is not going to be a quick and easy journey – but I think it is […]

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So you think you’re ready to integrate Facebook data? Not so fast!

If you’ve been following the mini-series on integrating Facebook data, welcome back.  If not, then I recommend you take a moment and bring yourself up to speed: Value of Integrating Facebook Data For Customer Analysis Facebook as a Data Source Extracting Facebook Data with SSIS In this next post, I […]

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Extracting Facebook Data With SSIS

This is the 3rd post in this quasi-series on Facebook data from a business intelligence perspective.  First, we discussed the value of customer analysis and how integrating Facebook data can enrich such analysis.  Next we established a basic understanding of the Facebook social graph from which we wish to extract […]

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Facebook as a Data Source

Earlier this month year, I discussed the value of integrating Facebook data for customer analysis.  Originally, I planned to follow up with a post covering the process of extracting data from Facebook using SSIS… but as I started working through the material, I quickly realized the background information on ‘Facebook as a data […]

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Kaggle: Making Data Science a Sport

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an article that mentioned a cool site called Kaggle which hosts data-related “competitions”. Through this site, data problems collide with solutions as data-experts compete against each other for prizes (cash and/or bragging rights) to see who can come up with the most effective, […]

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Value of Integrating Facebook Data For Customer Analysis

Unless you recently awoke from a coma, you probably noticed that Facebook filed for IPO earlier this year.  The stock opened at $38/share valuing the company at ~$104 billion.  Since then, the stock has gotten absolutely crushed as critics everywhere have come crawling out of the wood work with claims […]

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