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Column­-Stores For Wide and Sparse Data

Over the weekend I read a paper titled Column­-Stores For Wide and Sparse Data by Daniel J. Abadi.  Below is a quick summary of the points made by Abadi followed by some thoughts / application for SQL Server’s ColumnStore index. Wide Tables & Column “Elimination” I’ve already discussed (in a […]

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Generating a Database Clean Up Script

Below is a script I recently used on a project to dynamically generate and execute the statements needed to clear all the data out of a database.  It is heavily borrowed from a blog post by Nikola Ilijev.  I just added the parts pertaining to the dropping and re-creating of […]

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ColumnStores vs. RowStores: I/O Performance and Compression

One of the major benefits associated with ColumnStore  indexes is increased I/O performance.  Below are two of the more common explanations for this bump in I/O performance… ColumnStores only retrieve data (from storage) necessary to satisfy the query This notion is inherent in the column-oriented architecture…data pages in column-oriented storage only […]

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ColumnStores vs. RowStores: How Different Are They Really?

For the vast majority of SQL Server professionals, it wasn’t until earlier this year, with the release of SQL Server 2012, that concept of “ColumnStore” (as opposed to RowStore) popped up on the radar.  And now, as  part of the research for a current project, I’m trying to find details on Microsoft’s implementation […]

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Diving Into the Deep End with ColumnStore Indexes

Currently, I’m working with a client to develop a custom database application that will be used for tracking and reporting on account receivables.  We have estimated between 2-3 billion transactions per year and need to maintain 3 years of history…so it will be a fairly large database.  But more interesting […]

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