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The Best Book On Dimensional Modeling

The Data Warehouse Toolkit by Ralph Kimball has been read cover to cover by most Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence industry professionals. It is perhaps the most popular text on dimensional modeling known to mankind. However, it is not the best book on dimensional modeling. These may seem like pretty bold […]

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Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker

Before my last project, SQL Server Service Broker was simply a topic I’d read about a few times and played with on a lab system once or twice.  I understood the use cases at a high level (scaled-out service-oriented systems) and was quite impressed with a few of the published articles […]

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All Your *Books* Are Belong To Us…

This year I plowed through a ton of books…more so than in all prior years.  This is primarily due to the amount of work-travel…way too much…which left me with a lot of time to read (on planes, in airports, in hotels, etc).  At this point in my life, all of my […]

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Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time reviewing a few trigger-based constraints recently put in place to enforce business-rules in a database I’m working on for a client.  Specifically, I was looking for any potential side-effects that could arise with a database that is configured for READ-COMMITTED SNAPSHOT ISOLATION. […]

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