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On-Premise Data Gateway: Capturing SSAS Query Activity By User

When I’m managing an Analysis Services environment, I’m not just interested in the performance of the workload… yeah that’s important, but I’m also interested in the users who are generating that workload… especially the top users… and here’s why: These top users are your biggest customers. They’ve already bought-in to the product/solution and you should …

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Navigating Complex Tabular Models Quickly – Developer Edition

As a developer, working with large/complex tabular models – “large” in terms of the number of tables, columns, and/or measures (not data size) – can be frustrating and borderline soul-crushing. Allow me to paint a picture for you… You’ve just inherited a large tabular model along with a large backlog of “adjustments/tweaks”… rename these columns, adjust …

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Engaging the Formula Engine Cache with SSAS Tabular

One of the more subtle architectural differences between tabular and multidimensional instances is caching. Multidimensional is a disk-based technology and performance for query workloads (in many cases) depends heavily on cache utilization. Tabular, on the other hand, is a memory-based technology with (nearly) zero dependence on disk IO and is therefore much less dependent on cache for query …

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