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  • Strategic Prototyping: Power BI Desktop vs Power Pivot
    Perhaps one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is that there’s no right-way / one-size-fits-all approach to implementing an Analysis Services solution. All have their pros and cons and being successful is more about leveraging the approach that best fits the client organization. That said, one...
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  • Implementing Logical AND on Members From Same Hierarchy
    The default behavior when filtering on multiple members from the same attribute hierarchy is a logical OR. In the pivot table above, we have the [Internet Customer Count] measure (which is a distinct count measure) sliced by Product Subcategory and filtered for [Mountain Bikes] and [Tires and Tubes]. This shows...
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  • Adding Descriptions for Perspectives in Tabular
    Perspectives are great way to improve the experience for users as well as developers. However, there’s a point where having too many perspectives can become a bit confusing for the typical end user. How do they determine which perspective to connect to for their self-service analysis? One option – that I’m a...
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  • Tell Me About Your SSAS Environment
    As part of an ongoing effort to understand my audience as well as the greater Analysis Services community as a whole, I’ve put together a basic survey and would greatly appreciate you input: Start Survey Results will be compiled and shared on this blog by the end of April....
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  • Boosting Developer Experience with Analysis Services Perspectives
    Perspectives are typically used to simplify and improve the user experience, but a lesser known fact is that they can also simplify/improve the developer experience. Problem Developing tabular models that contain a lot of tables can be a real nightmare. In most enterprise solutions based on a dimensional model, it...
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