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  • Building an OLAP Farm in the Cloud with Azure Virtual Machines – Part 1
    The “OLAP Farm” is an Analysis Services architecture that makes use of remote partitions on the backend and linked dimensions and measure groups on the front end in order to support solutions where datasets and latency requirements simply can’t be handled by a single processing server. It was discussed in...
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  • SSAS Scale-Out Architectures
    Processing can be a very resource intensive task which will absolutely interfere with query performance when using a single server deployment. Most clients can get around this issue by simply processing after hours and/or designing and implementing a complex incremental processing scenario (e.g. process add + process partitions). However, when...
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  • Case Study Review: Using Tabular Models in a Large-scale Commercial Solution
    Just a few days ago, a case study was released by one of the top Microsoft BI folks in the world – Alberto Ferrari (b | t) – outlining the evaluation process of using SSAS Tabular in a large-scale commercial solution. This paper is a must-read for those considering the...
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  • MDX: MemberValue vs Member_Value
    Lately I’ve been doing a bit of MDX performance tuning and during the process I learned a new “trick” that blew my mind. Instead of just outright telling you what it is, I’d like to show you through an example. Original Query Take the following query shown below – which...
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  • Relationship Between Statistics and Probability
    As part of my plan for edging over to the field of predictive analytics and data mining, I’ve been brushing up on some statistics via Coursera and Udacity classes. In one of the Udacity classes (Intro to Statistics), the professor (Sebastian Thrun) presented the relationship between statistics and probability as...
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