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  • DAX: Performance Gains via Aliases and Variables
      Consider the following DAX snippet: SWITCH ( TRUE() ,SUM('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]) > 1000000, "A" ,SUM('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]) > 100000, "B" ,"C" ) Very straightforward, right? If the sum of sales amount is > 1mm, return “A”… if its between 1mm and 100k, return “B”… otherwise, return “C”. Note: SWITCH-statements...
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  • Reflections: SQL Saturday 452 (Charlotte BI Edition)
    This past weekend, I drove up to Charlotte, NC to attend what has become one of my favorite SQL Saturdays on the east coast. The folks at CBIG (the local SQL Server Business Intelligence user group) are always super-enthusiastic and have done a fantastic job growing this event into what...
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  • PowerShell Scripts for Collecting SSAS-related Perfmon and xEvent Trace Data
    Here are two more PowerShell scripts I’ve been using for a while now to collect SSAS-related performance data. Each script is structured as a PowerShell function w/ a single call at the bottom of the script so that they can be executed ad-hoc. One cool thing about these scripts is...
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  • Accessing SSAS Instance Configuration Info via Powershell
    Over the past few months I’ve been working on a lot of scripts for collecting SSAS-related configuration and performance information. So far, most of the scripting has been done via PowerShell (which I’m really starting to appreciate) but on a few rare occasions I’ve had to dip my toes into...
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  • Quickly Analyze Large Objects in #SSAS Databases with WinDirStat
    There are tons of solid free tools out there that make life much easier for SSAS developers. A while ago, I blogged about the Top FREE tools for SSAS 2012 Developers most of which I still use on a daily basis. But even that list is getting a bit stale...
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