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  • Implementing Logical AND on Members From Same Hierarchy
    The default behavior when filtering on multiple members from the same attribute hierarchy is a logical OR. In the pivot table above, we have the [Internet Customer Count] measure (which is a distinct count measure) sliced by Product Subcategory and filtered for [Mountain Bikes] and [Tires and Tubes]. This shows...
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  • Adding Descriptions for Perspectives in Tabular
    Perspectives are great way to improve the experience for users as well as developers. However, there’s a point where having too many perspectives can become a bit confusing for the typical end user. How do they determine which perspective to connect to for their self-service analysis? One option – that I’m a...
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  • Tell Me About Your SSAS Environment
    As part of an ongoing effort to understand my audience as well as the greater Analysis Services community as a whole, I’ve put together a basic survey and would greatly appreciate you input: Start Survey Results will be compiled and shared on this blog by the end of April....
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  • Boosting Developer Experience with Analysis Services Perspectives
    Perspectives are typically used to simplify and improve the user experience, but a lesser known fact is that they can also simplify/improve the developer experience. Problem Developing tabular models that contain a lot of tables can be a real nightmare. In most enterprise solutions based on a dimensional model, it...
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  • Analysis Services Class Libraries
    References to these libraries are required when writing .NET applications that interface with Analysis Services. However, as I’m not a serious .NET developer (thank god! /jk /sortof) I don’t use them that much. But when I do, I usually waste the first 10 minutes searching for it in windows explorer before giving up and...
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