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  • Navigating Complex Tabular Models Quickly – Developer Edition
    As a developer, working with large/complex tabular models – “large” in terms of the number of tables, columns, and/or measures (not data size) – can be frustrating and borderline soul-crushing. Allow me to paint a picture for you… You’ve just inherited a large tabular model along with a large backlog of...
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  • I’ll Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse
    Over the past few weeks I’ve been flexing my network to try and get on an Azure DW project…and so far I’ve come up empty handed. Now granted, I could definitely be wrong about this… but I *thought* my offer was overly generous and guaranteed to land me on an Azure...
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  • How to Detect Locking and Blocking In Your Analysis Services Environment
    This past weekend, after one of my presentations on Analysis Services at SQL Saturday 520, an attendee described a performance issue in his environment that he thought could be related to locking and blocking and asked if there was a way to confirm if this was the cause. The short...
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  • Choosing the Right Instance in Perfmon
    There’s been quite a bit posted on this blog regarding the collection of perfmon counters to monitor Analysis Services instances and troubleshoot performance problems. And some of the recommended perform counters (e.g. Process: % Processor Time) are “instance”-specific… meaning you need to select the name of the process for which...
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  • Load Testing SSAS with PowerShell
    Load testing an SSAS database is one of those tasks that everyone should be doing but very VERY few people actually do… and I can only suspect the reason is because it’s hard. Here are the general steps involved: Capture the query workload using an xEvents (basic example, autorestart option) Shred the xEvents...
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