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Archive for May 2017

Model Development Performance Improvements for Tabular Models Using Compatibility Level 1200+

It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago, while performing a design assessment on a very large tabular model, that I was finally able to appreciate one of the most underrated improvements made in SSAS Tabular 2016. This particular client was on SSAS 2014 and had a very mature tabular […]

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Using the Azure REST API to Pause All AS Instances in a Resource Group

Forgetting to shutdown your Azure environments and burning through a month’s worth of Azure MSDN credit if you’re lucky (and racking up a large credit card charge if you’re not) is a pretty common experience these days. Some might even call it a right-of-passage (like running a DELETE statement in […]

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Monitoring Azure Analysis Services Instances via Azure Portal

At some point in the past couple weeks/months, the Azure Analysis Services team managed to expose a few more metrics to the Azure AS Monitoring / Metrics blade. Last I checked, there were only 2 metrics available… Memory and QPU… arguably two of the most important metrics to track as they […]

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Azure Analysis Services: Choosing a Pricing Tier

April was a big month for the Azure Analysis Services community – as the product has finally been released for General Availability! Unfortunately, this also means bye bye to preview-pricing. Thankfully, there’s a new “tier” available to choose from when provisioning an Azure AS instance to help offset the price […]

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