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Managing Your Azure AS Environment with PowerShell – Getting Started

One of the major value propositions of Azure AS (and this is true for many cloud technologies) is flexibility – spinning up more resources when demand spikes and turn things off when they aren’t – so that you’re only paying for what you need. Consider your own Analysis Services environment. […]

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Analysis Services Tabular Is (Finally) NUMA-Aware!

Wow, right on the heals of Azure AS and just when you thought things couldn’t get any better for SSAS geeks of the world… Microsoft releases SP1 for SQL Server 2016… an voila, Tabular is now NUMA-Aware! Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to test this at the moment… but […]

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Processing an Azure AS Database

This post contains a list of various methods that can be used to process (i.e. load data into) an Azure AS tabular model. As you will see – not much has changed from the regular on-premise version (which is a very good thing as it softens the learning curve). Note: […]

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Interrogating the Azure AS Configuration Files via PowerShell

When brought in the perform a health check or performance optimization, one of the first steps in the process (after getting the perfmon and xevent traces running) is to document review the environment. In addition to the basics (i.e. CPU cores, GB of memory, clock speeds, etc) one item I’m […]

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On-Premise Data Gateway: Capturing SSAS Query Activity By User

When I’m managing an Analysis Services environment, I’m not just interested in the performance of the workload… yeah that’s important, but I’m also interested in the users who are generating that workload… especially the top users… and here’s why: These top users are your biggest customers. They’ve already bought-in to […]

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