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Archive for July 2016

Agile Fail: Funny User Story Edition

If you’ve ever worked on an “Agile” project, chances are you’ve come across some hilariously written user stories…perhaps even some that were so ridiculous you started questioning the string of choices and decisions you’d made that ultimately led you to being involved with this project in the first place. Don’t be afraid and don’t […]

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Engaging the Formula Engine Cache with SSAS Tabular

One of the more subtle architectural differences between tabular and multidimensional instances is caching. Multidimensional is a disk-based technology and performance for query workloads (in many cases) depends heavily on cache utilization. Tabular, on the other hand, is a memory-based technology with (nearly) zero dependence on disk IO and is therefore much less […]

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Atlanta Modern Excel User Group

Recently, I was approached by a colleague, Damu Venkatesan (@vdamu), to help manage a new user group: Atlanta Modern Excel User Group. I told him I was flattered but not quite sure how I could contribute other than helping out with the basic administrative responsibilities as I don’t consider myself […]

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