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Archive for June 2015

Automating SSAS Dump Collections using SQLDumper.exe

Last year I was involved with standing up an Analysis Services Scale-Out Query Server architecture to handle a heavy concurrent user load. Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to stress-testing the system until a few months later and we uncovered an issue requiring escalation to Microsoft. In this post, I’ll share a […]

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How Can My Business Leverage Twitter/Facebook Data?

As a BI consultant, I get asked this question (or some version of it) a lot: How Can My Business Leverage Twitter/Facebook Data? The conversation typically goes something like this: CIO/IT Director: I read an article in <insert CIO magazine>-weekly that claimed so-and-so used Twitter/Facebook data to do such-and-such and is now […]

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Investigating xEvents in SSAS 2016 CTP2

Last week I finally found some time to explore SQL Server 2016 CTP2 and considering I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past 12 months performance tuning SSAS queries, I figured why not start with extended events. Plus, you can usually infer quite a bit from looking at the tracing […]

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