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MDX: MemberValue vs Member_Value

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of MDX performance tuning and during the process I learned a new “trick” that blew my mind. Instead of just outright telling you what it is, I’d like to show you through an example. Original Query Take the following query shown below – which […]

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Relationship Between Statistics and Probability

As part of my plan for edging over to the field of predictive analytics and data mining, I’ve been brushing up on some statistics via Coursera and Udacity classes. In one of the Udacity classes (Intro to Statistics), the professor (Sebastian Thrun) presented the relationship between statistics and probability as […]

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Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Learning Plan

In the last post, I mentioned that I would be putting together a learning plan to facilitate a shift in focus from SSAS into the realm of data mining and predictive analytics. Clearly this is not going to be a quick and easy journey – but I think it is […]

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Why I spent > $2000 to attend the PASS Business Analytics Conference

…and was it worth it? Aside from the fact that I’m an independent consultant – which by definition means I no longer have a company shelling out the cheddar to send me to events like this – I’d like to discuss the reasons why I decided to spend over $2k […]

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SQL Saturday #285 Atlanta

Quick ‘thank you’ to all those dedicated lovers of SSAS tabular who attended my session – 20 Minute Tabular Model – at 8:15am at SQL Saturday #285. The slides were posted to the SQL Saturday site shortly after the presentation. And here’s the link again to the references page for […]

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