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Process Multiple SSAS Objects Simultaneously via SSMS

During SSAS development, there are often times when you need to process a subset of objects (ex. dimensions, measure groups, partitions, etc) in a SSAS database. This is especially true when you’re working with a SSAS database containing multiple cubes with shared dimensions. In the past, to accomplish this task, […]

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BISM Tabular – Proceed with Caution

This year I’ve given a few presentations on a topic near and dear to my heart.  The presentation is titled 20 Minute Tabular Model and one of the major components of the presentation involves a high level compare/contrast with SSAS Multidimensional.  The reason this session is important to me is […]

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Creating a Pareto Chart in SSRS

Recently, I created an SSRS report which used pareto charts to help a client analyze the impact of unplanned events in their production facilities across multiple dimensions (ex. Location, Equipment, Reason Code etc). In this post I’ll walk you through the steps to re-create this report based on the AdventureWorks […]

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Pareto Analysis

Pareto Analysis is a nice technique for exploring the distribution of a measure across its contributors.  Regardless of whether the measure is positive (ex. sales amount) or negative (ex. production defects) the goal is the same. In many cases, the bulk (~80%) of a measured quantity (ex. sales amount) is contributed by […]

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Come see me present!

Here’s a just a quick update on a few speaking engagements lined up for the near future: SQL Saturday – Charlotte BI Edition (10/19/2013) Right on the heels of PASS Summit 2013, this SQL Saturday is more awesome than usual since it’s heavily geared towards the BI crowd!  Lots of […]

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Great Demo of Power BI’s Q&A Feature

This is probably the best demo I’ve seen covering the new Q&A feature for Power BI:  The guy asking questions, Mark Reguera, was a non-technical finance guy @ Microsoft who started using PowerPivot/PowerView within his department.  His methods gained traction and now I believe he’s transitioned into more of an […]

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