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SQL Server 2012 Certification Path Completed

This past weekend, I passed the 70-462 exam which completes the requirements for achieving the MCSE Business Intelligence certification.  This exam had been lingering for quite some time and I continued to put it off because, to be completely honest, I just don’t find the material as interesting and would prefer spending my […]

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PowerShell: Checking For Large SSAS String-Store Files

In a recent blog post, Why You Need to Routinely ProcessFull, I discussed an issue where we’d run into the 4GB file size limit on SSAS string store files. In an ideal world, we’d fully reprocess the SSAS databases on a regular basis which would eliminate this issue…and maybe even […]

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Dimensional Modeling: Junk vs Degenerate

Two commonly misunderstood dimensional modeling techniques are Junk Dimensions and Degenerate Dimensions.  This post is aimed at clearing up the confusion and providing some context and use-cases for each. Junk Dimensions There are certain scenarios where you will find that the source for a fact table contains a bunch of […]

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Steering the Car Back on the Road

In my last post (Go Work for a Consulting Firm), I discussed a difficult situation faced earlier in my career…back when I lacked the knowledge and expertise to solve the problems facing the team and ultimately steer the car back on the road.  Towards the end of that post I […]

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