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SSRS + MDX: Dynamic Dimension Attribute on Row Axis

Earlier this year, while building an SSRS report against a Cube data source, I got stuck trying to parameterize the dimension attribute on the rows axis of the dataset query. What I wanted was to provide the user with the ability to select the dimension (via an SSRS parameter) along […]

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Why You Need to Routinely ProcessFull

Earlier this week, one of the client’s routine SQL agent jobs failed during an Analysis Services processing task with the following error message: Error: 2013-07-18 10:27:36.18 Code: 0xC1020041 Source: Process Dimensions Analysis Services Execute DDL Task Description: File system error: A FileStore error from WriteFile occurred. Physical file: \\?\E:\OLAP\Data\Sales.18.db\Product Review.0.dim\342.Comments.bsstore. […]

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What Does Big Data Mean to You?

As a self-proclaimed lover of data, it should be no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Big Data.  But, like many other data professionals, I am sometimes frustrated by the misconceptions and misrepresentations that come along with the latest industry buzzwords and marketing attacks. That’s why, when I recently read this […]

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How to Create a Copy of an SSRS Dataset

A lot of times, when creating SSRS reports, I find myself wanting to copy/paste existing objects from the report data window (ex. parameters, data sources, and datasets) either to create duplicates in the same report or create copies in separate reports.  Sometimes it’s just easier to start from a copy […]

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Reporting Against the SSIS 2012 Catalog

This weekend, on the way home from a nice few days at the beach with family, I was listening to a SQLBitsX session (A Lap Around the SSIS Catalog) by Jamie Thomson (b | t) and it got me thinking about some work I did at my last client and how […]

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Rapid DW Development with WhereScape RED

Earlier this month, I spent an entire week evaluating WhereScape RED with a new client. If you’ve never heard of it, RED is a platform for rapid data warehouse development. Admittedly, I’ve always been skeptical of these types of tools…”build your entire data warehouse and ETL in a few hours“…but […]

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