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Archive for February 2013

SQL Profiler EventClass & EventSubClass Column Descriptions for SSAS 2012

Lately, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time troubleshooting some performance issues related to PowerView reports running against a SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 Tabular data source.  One of the first steps in the troubleshooting process involved turning up a SQL Profiler trace on the SSAS Tabular instance and […]

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Is it possible to circumvent role-based row-level security with a well-crafted DAX query?

Recently, while discussing role-based security in SSAS Tabular models with a few colleagues, the following question came up: Is it possible to write a DAX query in such a way that row-level security is bypassed? At the time, we all agreed that the notion seemed ridiculous…if that were possible, what’s […]

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Real Time OLAP = TRUE

While testing the performance of ROLAP (with a ColumnStore index on the fact table) for another post (I’m still working on), I noticed something that made me stop and think “wtf?” What I noticed was that, while sending an MDX query to the ROLAP cube multiple times, the initial query […]

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Putting the Suitcase Away (for now)

Over the course of the last 8 months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an insanely talented team on a bad-ass project that will provide tremendous value to one of the client’s major lines of business.  During this time I learned a ton about database development, column-store indexing, sql service […]

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